descriptionA simple gallery script in bash
ownerBrett Parker
last changeTue, 25 May 2010 08:42:38 +0000 (09:42 +0100)
2010-05-25 Brett Parker* Check image exists in size matching code master
2008-01-01 Brett Parker* Update licence to have correct address
2008-01-01 Brett Parker* Up version number ready for release release-1.1.3
2008-01-01 Brett Parker* Update documentation
2008-01-01 Brett Parker* Use the bounding box properly
2007-12-22 Brett Parker* Update README for release release-1.1.2
2007-12-22 Brett Parker* Update version number ready for release
2007-12-22 Brett Parker* Update changelog
2007-12-22 Brett Parker* Add support for bounding box based image resize
2007-05-15 Brett ParkerCheck tools are available
2007-05-14 Brett ParkerMake icons and medium image directories non-hardcoded
2007-05-14 Brett ParkerAdd ability to generate pages in a seperate directory
2007-05-14 Brett ParkerUp version for release release-1.1.1
2007-05-14 Brett ParkerFix caption generation code
2007-05-13 Brett ParkerUpdate version number for release release-1.1.0
2007-05-13 Brett ParkerFix medium sized page generation
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