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Project Description Owner Last Change
advent-of-code-2019.git Advent of Code 2019 Brett Parker 4 months ago
advent-of-code-2020.git Advent of Code 2020 Brett Parker 3 months ago
badgers.git This is a fun description. Brett Parker No commits
barbilliards.git STM32 code for a bar billiards... Brett Parker 6 months ago
bashbot.git An IRC bot in bash Brett Parker 18 months ago
bpgallery.git A simple gallery script in... Brett Parker 16 months ago
curses-crossword.git Small curses crossword grid Brett Parker 11 years ago
eatslugs.git The code for the eatslugs... Brett Parker 21 months ago
eoc.git Clone of git:// Brett Parker 10 years ago
excalibre.git Fork of Calibre Brett Parker No commits
lxc-debian-unprivileged.git LXC Templates for Unprivileged... Brett Parker 2 years ago
onak.git Development branch of onak Brett Parker 7 years ago
quagga-debian.git Quagga Packaging Brett Parker 3 years ago
rpmbased-dist-chroot.git Bash script to create chroots... Brett Parker 6 years ago
rss2maildir.git Python script to take rss... Brett Parker 3 years ago
sommitrealweird.git website... Brett Parker 10 months ago
twirssi-net-twitter-lite.git Changes to twirssi to work... Brett Parker 10 years ago