descriptionPython script to take rss feeds and convert to Maildir
ownerBrett Parker
last changeTue, 27 Feb 2018 10:21:46 +0000 (10:21 +0000)
2018-02-27 Brett ParkerPatch from MJ Ray for items without link master
2013-08-25 Brett ParkerMake sure that we feed the parser unicode data
2013-04-30 Brett ParkerMore utf-8 handling for images
2013-02-11 Brett ParkerStop trying to decode image tags to utf-8
2011-10-02 Brett ParkerChange header encoding for From/To address to make...
2011-07-23 Brett Parker* Add https support (thanks to Andre Klärner)
2011-03-05 Brett ParkerUpdate so that we don't get a warning in python 2.6...
2009-09-14 Brett ParkerFix silly typo
2009-09-14 Brett ParkerAdd item fetched date header (X-rss2maildir-rundate)
2009-06-12 Brett Parkerguid might not always exist, link is always present...
2009-06-12 Brett ParkerFix bug when link/guid contains characters not in ascii...
2009-03-17 Brett ParkerSmall fix to title handling code to deal with unicode...
2008-06-07 Brett ParkerFix for items that actually have no content.
2008-04-17 Brett ParkerFix typo in previous charref fix
2008-04-16 Brett ParkerFix bug in character reference handling code
2008-03-05 Brett ParkerFix for title parsing
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