2021-08-06 Brett ParkerChanges for django 2.2 master
2020-06-08 Brett ParkerFix photo ordering
2019-08-28 Brett ParkerFix 404 rendering
2019-08-28 Brett ParkerFix 404 renderer
2019-07-23 Brett ParkerChanges to make it work with django 1.11 and python3
2017-06-23 Brett ParkerFix typo
2017-06-23 Brett ParkerMake sure that the css view works
2017-06-22 Brett ParkerUpdate copyright years
2017-06-22 Brett ParkerFix up for django 1.10
2016-01-15 Brett ParkerFix copyright years
2015-05-24 Brett ParkerFix the WSGI
2015-05-24 Brett ParkerClean up photos so that it does 404s django-1.7
2015-05-22 Brett ParkerMake photo albums work
2015-05-22 Brett ParkerRemove debug statements
2015-05-22 Brett ParkerInitial port to django-1.7
2013-10-17 Brett ParkerStop using an array as a cache key
2013-10-04 Brett ParkerUpdate copyright years
2013-07-24 Brett ParkerStop double escaping the title in the feed
2013-04-27 Brett ParkerUpgrade settings for django 1.4
2012-06-12 Brett ParkerAllow logged in users to comment on blog entries by...
2012-06-12 Brett ParkerChange to Django 1.3 syntax for admin site
2012-06-12 Brett ParkerMake posted comments give a better message
2012-06-12 Brett ParkerEnable CSRF and Comment Moderation
2012-06-11 Brett ParkerOnly use live items in the rss/atom blog feed
2012-04-21 Brett ParkerUpdate copyright years
2011-11-12 Brett ParkerRound the corners!
2010-05-13 Brett Parkermake sure that we 404 rather than 500 on people request...
2010-03-03 Brett ParkerSlightly better display of documents in admin
2010-03-03 Brett ParkerChange sort ordering in admin, give more full path...
2010-02-25 Brett ParkerMake it so that we don't do anything silly in the conte...
2010-02-02 Brett Parkerupdate copyright years
2010-02-02 Brett ParkerMerge /home/brettp/sommitrealweird
2010-01-27 Brett Parkerfix blog feed url
2010-01-26 Brett Parkeradd titles to blog posts
2009-11-08 Brett ParkerFix typo.
2009-11-08 Brett ParkerMerge branch 'master' of /home/brettp/sommitrealweird
2009-11-08 Brett ParkerDo some ordering in the admin interface.
2009-11-08 Brett ParkerScript to update an album with files added at the files...
2009-09-30 Brett Parkeradd in wsgi script
2009-09-30 Brett Parker404 on broken albums/photos
2009-09-16 Brett ParkerStop ReST from dropping the primary title if it's the...
2009-09-12 Brett ParkerReformat blog links a bit
2009-09-12 Brett ParkerActually add comments to blog, tidy up rst handling...
2009-09-09 Brett ParkerLots of changes to fix lots of bugs and add comments...
2009-08-16 Brett ParkerGive better info for article path
2009-08-16 Brett ParkerAdd small class to take out margins on first paragraph...
2009-08-16 Brett ParkerFix typo in code to let auth users view non-published...
2009-07-23 Brett Parkermake it so that registered/logged in users can see...
2009-06-05 Brett Parkerreal fix to blog title
2009-06-05 Brett Parkertitle fix for blog
2009-06-05 Brett Parkersmall fixes
2009-03-30 Brett ParkerUpdate blog templates in an effort to make them XHTML1...
2009-03-30 Brett ParkerFix typo of closing tag.
2009-03-29 Brett ParkerSort Albums by Name
2009-03-29 Brett Parkertweak to dl layout
2009-03-29 Brett ParkerClean out menu cache
2009-03-29 Brett ParkerSmall photo fixes
2009-03-29 Brett ParkerDon't track thumbs and photos
2009-03-29 Brett ParkerStop albums from displaying None when they don't need to
2009-03-29 Brett ParkerPhoto album improvements
2009-03-29 Brett ParkerChecky little photo import script
2009-03-29 Brett ParkerFirst draft image gallery
2009-03-29 Brett ParkerAdd RSS support to blog feed
2009-03-29 Brett ParkerBlog enhancements
2009-03-27 Brett ParkerChange blog to Blog in the bread crumb
2009-03-27 Brett ParkerChange / to Home in breadcrumb
2009-03-22 Brett ParkerFix blog prepopulated fields.
2009-03-22 Brett ParkerMake menu items more seperated
2009-03-22 Brett ParkerFix blog and re-enable admin
2009-03-22 Brett ParkerUpdate to 1.0 compatibility
2008-06-08 Brett ParkerAdd caching of sub menus
2008-02-24 Brett ParkerMake settings file more generic, override using a local...
2008-02-17 Brett Parkeradd default sort ordering for blog entries
2008-02-16 Brett ParkerAdd caching for submenus
2008-02-16 Brett Parkeradd caching to the toplevel menu
2008-02-11 Brett ParkerSmall fixes for the blog handling code
2008-02-11 Brett ParkerAdd basic blogging support
2008-02-05 Brett ParkerMake h1 tags of templates not have a preceeding space.
2008-02-03 Brett ParkerAdd breadcrumb support
2008-02-03 Brett ParkerMake footer slightly nicer.
2008-02-03 Brett ParkerReformat second menu bar to make it look slightly nicer.
2008-02-03 Brett ParkerAdd basic submenu support
2008-02-03 Brett ParkerSmall tweak to content block
2008-02-02 Brett ParkerUpdates for rename of content -> bpcms
2008-02-02 Brett Parkerrename 'content' to 'bpcms'
2008-01-31 Brett ParkerNew menu code and reorg of URLs
2008-01-31 Brett ParkerUpdate to use a context processor for the MEDIA_URL...
2008-01-31 Brett ParkerStyling tweaks to get the menu to work in IE
2008-01-30 Brett Parkerinitial code for