2013-10-01 Jonathan McDowellUpdate Debian Vcs-* fields to point to git repository master origin/master
2013-10-01 Jonathan McDowellUpdate Debian packaging standards version to 3.9.4
2013-10-01 Jonathan McDowellUse LDFLAGS when building backend shared objects
2013-09-30 Jonathan McDowellAdd HKP database backend
2013-09-30 Jonathan McDowellAdd initial wotsap file generation tool
2013-09-30 Jonathan McDowellAdd support for checking RIPEMD160 signatures
2013-09-30 Jonathan McDowellAdd -c option to maxpath / sixdegrees to specify config...
2013-09-29 Jonathan McDowellFix PostgreSQL backend compilation
2013-09-29 Jonathan McDowellUse OPENPGP_PACKET_COMMENT in parse_keys instead of...
2013-09-29 Jonathan McDowellAdd ctags/cscope files to .gitignore + clean rule
2013-09-29 Jonathan McDowellPrevent read_openpgp_stream from returning empty packets
2013-09-29 Jonathan McDowellOnly seed initial Debian package database if key file...
2012-08-25 Jonathan McDowellMove stats_key structure to stats.h
2012-07-30 Jonathan McDowellRemove dependency on onak-conf and logthing for splitkeys
2012-07-25 Jonathan McDowellAdd missing onak.h from last changeset
2012-07-25 Jonathan McDowellStart pulling non-library material out of core source...
2012-07-20 Jonathan McDowellAdd some more OpenPGP related constants
2012-07-14 Jonathan McDowellFix the size of the hash array when checking sig hashes
2012-07-14 Jonathan McDowellMove .bzrignore to .gitignore
2012-07-14 Jonathan McDowellAdd initial Doxygen support
2012-07-13 Jonathan McDowellDon't reject sig hashes we don't have support for.
2012-07-13 Jonathan McDowellAdd checking for signature hashes
2012-07-12 Jonathan McDowellDump all the stripped keys at the end, rather than...
2012-07-11 Jonathan McDowellAdd libnettle autoconf checks for SHA224, SHA384 &...
2012-06-25 Jonathan McDowellSwitch to source format 3.0 (quilt) for Debian packaging.
2012-04-25 Jonathan McDowellCleanup hashquery.o on make clean
2012-04-25 Jonathan McDowellBuild Debian version number to indicate bzr build
2012-04-25 Jonathan McDowell0.4.1 release
2012-04-25 Jonathan McDowellAvoid race condition when receiving incoming mails
2012-04-11 Jonathan McDowellFix deletion of skshash in DB4 backend
2012-04-11 Jonathan McDowellFix deletion error logging for DB4 backend
2012-04-02 Jonathan McDowellInstall /pks/hashquery in Debian packaging
2012-04-02 Jonathan McDowellAdd keyid to DB4 backend deletion error messages
2012-04-02 Jonathan McDowellAdd missing initialisation of DB4 cursor for skshash...
2012-04-01 Jonathan McDowellDrop HISTORY file in /usr/share/doc; it's already prese...
2012-04-01 Jonathan McDowellAllow retrieval of key by full fingerprint
2012-04-01 Jonathan McDowellAlways put a leading 0x on keyids in HTML output links
2012-04-01 Jonathan McDowellFix display of SHA-1 fingerprints
2011-11-27 Jonathan McDowellAdd AC_PROG_CC_C99 to configure.ac
2011-10-18 Jonathan McDowellUse nettle for hashing when available rather than inter...
2011-10-18 Jonathan McDowellUse C99 uint32_t rather than u_int32_t
2011-10-18 Jonathan McDowellClean up "set but not used" GCC warnings
2011-05-07 Jonathan McDowellExport find_packet from merge.c
2011-05-02 Jonathan McDowellAdd some more subpacket types to the list to ignore
2011-05-01 Jonathan McDowellClean up file header copyrights
2011-05-01 Jonathan McDowellDefine OpenPGP constants and use them rather than magic...
2011-04-30 Jonathan McDowellRemove my name from the lookup/gpgwww trailers.
2011-04-25 Jonathan McDowellAdd a test for key fetching by SKS hash
2011-04-25 Jonathan McDowellAdd /pks/hashquery
2011-04-25 Jonathan McDowellAdd a dependency on CORE_OBJS to the dynamic backends
2011-04-25 Jonathan McDowellAdd support for displaying/retrieving by SKS hash to...
2011-04-25 Jonathan McDowellAdd support for key retrieval by SKS hash
2011-04-25 Jonathan McDowellAdd support for calculating SKS style key hashes
2011-04-25 Jonathan McDowellMake compare_packet follow memcmp semantics and export...
2011-04-25 Jonathan McDowellFix buffer_getchar to only error if we'd exceed the...
2011-04-25 Jonathan McDowellRemove unused keydb_dynamic.h header file
2011-04-24 Jonathan McDowellAdd basic testing infrastructure + initial tests
2011-04-23 Jonathan McDowellChange fd_write to use fwrite instead of fputc
2011-04-23 Jonathan McDowellChange to using void * for character function content...
2011-04-20 Jonathan McDowellFix stupid case syntax error
2011-04-20 Jonathan McDowellAdd restart/force-reload options to init script
2011-04-20 Jonathan McDowellAdd -1 to Debian package version
2011-04-20 Jonathan McDowell0.4.0 release
2011-04-17 Jonathan McDowellAdd Debian logrotate config snippet
2011-04-16 Jonathan McDowellOutput details of key search after retrieval for pks...
2011-04-16 Jonathan McDowellAdd Debian init.d file for keyd
2011-04-11 Jonathan McDowellAdd ${perl:Depends} to dependencies
2011-04-10 Jonathan McDowellBump Debian Standards-Version to
2011-04-10 Jonathan McDowellClean up use of PATH_MAX in keydb_fs.c
2011-04-10 Jonathan McDowellFix onak.c to include version.h not config.h
2011-04-10 Jonathan McDowellAdded keydctl and testparse to .bzrignore
2011-04-10 Jonathan McDowellAdd a stats command to keyd
2011-04-10 Jonathan McDowellMake onak.c use ONAK_VERSION instead of PACKAGE_VERSION...
2011-04-10 Jonathan McDowellRemove keydctl.o in clean rule
2011-04-08 Jonathan McDowellAllow db4 backend to compile with later versions of...
2011-04-08 Jonathan McDowellUse generic db dependencies rather than 4.8 versioned...
2011-04-07 Jonathan McDowellAdd the bzr version number to non release builds
2011-04-06 Jonathan McDowellAdd keydctl for talking to keyd backend
2011-04-06 Jonathan McDowellAdd options details to keyd man page
2011-04-06 Jonathan McDowellAdd help text for keyd
2011-03-31 Jonathan McDowellLog when we're doing a clean keyd shutdown
2011-03-31 Jonathan McDowellIgnore SIGPIPE in keyd
2011-03-30 Jonathan McDowellMake keyd command handling more consistent
2011-03-29 Jonathan McDowellAdd an element to the keyd command enum for the last...
2011-03-29 Jonathan McDowellExplicitly use 32 bits for keyd socket commands
2011-03-29 Jonathan McDowellConfigure db4 locks according to maxkeys and actually...
2011-03-19 Jonathan McDowellUpdate maxpath/sixdegrees to my "new" RSA key.
2011-03-16 Jonathan McDowellRemove unused variables
2011-03-16 Jonathan McDowellFix fs backend compilation/linking
2011-03-16 Jonathan McDowellClean up remaining uses of %llX for printing keyids
2011-03-16 Jonathan McDowellAdd use_keyd config file option to select keyd as the...
2011-03-16 Jonathan McDowellMake keyd background itself by default
2011-03-16 Jonathan McDowellAdd -c option to specify keyd config file on command...
2011-03-15 Jonathan McDowellOnly seed database for Debian install if we're using...
2011-03-15 Jonathan McDowellUpdate the copy of my key to my 4096R one
2011-03-15 Jonathan McDowellActually close the socket in keyd/the keyd backend
2011-03-15 Jonathan McDowellSend close command when cleaning up keyd backend
2011-03-15 Jonathan McDowellFix delete_key function in keyd backend
2010-01-18 Jonathan McDowellRemove keydb backend specific compilation rule
2009-12-29 Jonathan McDowell0.3.8 release