2021-07-27 Brett ParkerQuick fixups to unpriv'd debian template for newer lxc master
2018-08-18 Brett ParkerAdd support for archive'd releases, remove some profanity
2017-01-18 Brett ParkerOnly remove devices.tar.gz if it exists
2016-06-21 Brett Parkerdebootstrap now may use extra options in mknod, this...
2016-05-22 Brett ParkerRemove temporary debug lines
2016-05-22 Brett ParkerAdd rudimentary network configuration support
2016-05-22 Brett ParkerAdd completion message
2016-05-22 Brett ParkerDon't bother with security urls for sid/unstable
2016-05-22 Brett ParkerMake script safer with set -e and set -u, change parts...
2016-05-22 Brett ParkerMore systemd changes
2016-05-22 Brett ParkerQuote to allow globs
2016-05-22 Brett ParkerTidy quoting to be consistant
2016-05-21 Brett ParkerClean up after ourselves, and stop services from doing...
2016-05-21 Brett ParkerSet the hostname to the name of the container
2016-05-21 Brett ParkerChange some pam stuff so that we can login
2016-05-21 Brett ParkerAutomatically upgrade without prompting
2016-05-21 Brett ParkerFix /etc/apt/sources.list generation to be slightly...
2016-05-21 Brett ParkerFirst draft (ish)