2009-07-23 Brett ParkerFix refresh clues bug, add COPYING and TODO files and... master
2009-07-20 Brett Parkermake it so that if the pad for the clues doesn't cover...
2009-07-20 Brett ParkerRemove debug message
2009-07-20 Brett ParkerPut the clues in to a scrollable pad so that we can...
2009-07-19 Brett Parkerdeal with multiple answer clues
2009-07-11 Brett ParkerMake more lint compliant
2009-07-10 Brett ParkerRename for better pylint coverage
2009-07-10 Brett ParkerStart reformatting for better pylint coverage
2009-07-09 Brett ParkerActually encode to the terminals locale, if we can.
2009-07-09 Brett ParkerBe slightly nicer when option parsing fails
2009-07-09 Brett Parkerread crossword file name from args list
2009-07-09 Brett ParkerEncode clues in real charset...
2009-07-01 Brett Parkerskip to first blank in grid
2009-07-01 Brett Parkermove correctly
2009-07-01 Brett Parkeradd basic movement
2009-07-01 Brett Parkerinitial import of half working scripts