2019-12-01 Brett ParkerUp version number for release master release-1.1.5
2019-12-01 Brett ParkerAdd simple MAXTHREADS variable for low memory machines
2019-12-01 Brett ParkerUp version number for release release-1.1.4
2010-05-25 Brett Parker* Check image exists in size matching code
2008-01-01 Brett Parker* Update licence to have correct address
2008-01-01 Brett Parker* Up version number ready for release release-1.1.3
2008-01-01 Brett Parker* Update documentation
2008-01-01 Brett Parker* Use the bounding box properly
2007-12-22 Brett Parker* Update README for release release-1.1.2
2007-12-22 Brett Parker* Update version number ready for release
2007-12-22 Brett Parker* Update changelog
2007-12-22 Brett Parker* Add support for bounding box based image resize
2007-05-15 Brett ParkerCheck tools are available
2007-05-14 Brett ParkerMake icons and medium image directories non-hardcoded
2007-05-14 Brett ParkerAdd ability to generate pages in a seperate directory
2007-05-14 Brett ParkerUp version for release release-1.1.1
2007-05-14 Brett ParkerFix caption generation code
2007-05-13 Brett ParkerUpdate version number for release release-1.1.0
2007-05-13 Brett ParkerFix medium sized page generation
2007-05-13 Brett ParkerFix index page generation code
2007-05-12 Brett ParkerUpdate TODO list
2007-05-12 Brett ParkerExit on failure of being able to write medium sized...
2006-06-12 Brett ParkerFix xargs for a BSD environment
2006-05-22 Brett ParkerPreliminary addition of Medium Sized images and pages
2006-05-13 Brett ParkerUp version for release
2006-05-13 Brett ParkerFix potential security hole
2006-05-13 Brett ParkerUp version number ready for release release-1.0.3
2006-05-13 Brett ParkerAdd in themed pages for the fullsize images
2006-05-13 Brett ParkerGeneral clean up
2006-05-13 Brett ParkerAdd in a setable path for themes
2006-05-13 Brett ParkerAdd in OUTPUTHTML Option
2006-05-13 Brett ParkerGeneral bug fixes
2006-04-17 Brett ParkerReversion for arch development
2006-04-17 Brett ParkerUpdate VERSION to 1.0.2
2006-04-16 Brett ParkerAdd in per gallery config file release-1.0.2
2006-04-16 Brett ParkerClean up thumbnail generation code
2006-04-16 Brett Parkerfix icon resizing code
2006-01-22 Brett ParkerBump version number for release release-1.0.1
2006-01-22 Brett ParkerFixes XHTML Compliance
2005-08-26 Brett ParkerEscape image src and href URLs
2005-08-16 Brett ParkerUpdate the documentation
2005-08-16 Brett ParkerBump version to indicate arch development
2005-04-25 Brett ParkerFixes override of environment by config files
2005-04-24 Brett ParkerUpdate version number, ready for release release-1.0.0
2005-04-24 Brett ParkerUpdate TODO and README
2005-04-24 Brett ParkerAdd in update method
2005-04-23 Brett ParkerHandle no captions.txt nicer
2005-04-19 Brett ParkerFix the image height code
2005-04-19 Brett ParkerBump revision number for 0.9.3 release release-0.9.3
2005-04-19 Brett ParkerAdd rudimentary captions
2005-04-18 Brett ParkerAdd rudimentary theme support
2005-04-18 Brett ParkerStart theme support
2005-04-18 Brett ParkerRemove extra todo data
2005-04-18 Brett ParkerTODO list
2005-01-26 Brett ParkerAdd a very rough progress meter
2005-01-26 Brett Parkerhead command
2005-01-26 Brett ParkerRemove all hard coded commands
2005-01-25 Brett ParkerMake more configurable for different paths for external...
2005-01-25 Brett ParkerInitial Import