* Add https support (thanks to Andre Klärner)
[rss2maildir.git] / tests /
2008-03-03 Brett ParkerFix some entity handling
2008-03-03 Brett ParkerAnother blockquote fix
2008-03-03 Brett ParkerFix blockquote support
2008-03-02 Brett ParkerSmall fixes to list handling code
2008-03-02 Brett ParkerEntity handling fixes
2008-03-01 Brett Parkerchange images to ReST format
2008-03-01 Brett ParkerNormalise spaces where they should be.
2008-01-07 Brett Parker* unittest for mixture of different types of lists
2008-01-06 Brett Parker* Serious reworking of HTML2Text to handle nested lists...
2008-01-06 Brett Parker* Small improvements to the HTML2Text code
2008-01-05 Brett Parker* serious reworking of the HTML2Text parser
2008-01-05 Brett Parker* add missing source files for unit tests
2008-01-05 Brett Parker* add (first draft of) full test suite runner
2008-01-05 Brett ParkerUpdate li handling a bit, and make the expected test...
2007-12-31 Brett Parker* Move some of the list handling above the paragraph...
2007-12-31 Brett Parker* Add unit test for some of the badly formed lists...
2007-12-24 Brett Parker* Add unittest for unordered list