2006-08-12 Lars WirzeniusAvoid uncaught exceptions when mime encoding headers.
2006-06-30 Lars WirzeniusAdded missing MIME-Version headers.
2006-06-30 Lars WirzeniusFixed typo on Content-Type header.
2006-06-29 Lars WirzeniusAdded German translation from Johannes Berg.
2006-06-29 Lars WirzeniusAdded some words to templates/msg-wait to reassure...
2006-01-06 Lars WirzeniusDocument values of --posting option. Thanks to Erich...
2005-12-22 Lars WirzeniusFurther typo fixed. Stupid stupid me.
2005-12-21 Lars WirzeniusNew version.
2005-12-21 Lars WirzeniusUpdated NEWS for 1.2.1.
2005-12-21 Lars WirzeniusOops. Forgot to test one change, and it has a wrong...
2005-12-18 Lars WirzeniusMarked version number as 1.2.
2005-12-18 Lars WirzeniusPrepared NEWS file for 1.2 release.
2005-12-18 Lars WirzeniusAdded update French translation of manpage from Thomas...
2005-12-18 Lars WirzeniusAdded debian to .bzrignore
2005-12-16 Lars WirzeniusManpage fixes from Thomas Huriaux
2005-12-04 Lars WirzeniusUpdated Spanish translations, from Ricardo Mones.
2005-12-03 Lars WirzeniusUpdated the Swedish translation.
2005-12-03 Lars WirzeniusUpdated Finnish template files.
2005-12-03 Lars WirzeniusInitial import.